Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No wonder we eat and eat and eat...

So I don't usually watch TV. I don't have time normally. That doesn't mean I don't 'like' TV. There are several TV shows that I was completely in love with. Battlestar Galactica, LOST, Freaky Links and V are some examples of shows I enjoyed. So I would usually just DVR them and when I had a spare block of time would sit and catch-up.

Recently I watched V and was sitting there with my wife watching and fast forwarding past the commercials. Even at 10x speed the food ads would jump out at me and as those tempting images of yummy goodness would speed by I found my tummy a rumblin. Each time I would silently curse.

After a few times my wife noticed my ever growing grumbling and said something. I explained to her that each time one of those ads showed up it was like being hit in the gut with a hammer. I didn't want the Arbys, or the various pizzas at first, but as I was bombarded over and over again I felt myself weakening. I counted something like 36 food ads which were doing their job well.

I realized that as someone addicted to eating I would have to really be careful of the magic box with pictures because for the first time on my journey of rebuilding I was hitting some serious challenges.

So I made the decision to cut out TV more and just wait for DVD series to hit NetFlix or DVD if it was something I really wanted to see.

It's no wonder America is fat when I see just how successful these marketing geniuses are.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sorry for delay in updates. Here's the latest:
Current Weight - 295.4 lbs
Down from - 330 lbs
Lost so far - 34.6 lbs (almost 35 pounds)

Still doing Insanity, although I've reset back to day one. Why? Because after you pass phase one and recovery week, you jump into a different level. My knees were already barely hanging on the first tier, so I went back to that one. I know my limits and am deciding to start fresh and new. The results are starting to show up and I'm feeling much stronger and better. So I need to make sure I'm smart about the intensity and what I'm doing.

I'll keep pushing!